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Burn On, Not Out: 

Finding Fulfillment Beyond Success

In today’s competitive and demanding society, women report being more burned out than ever before, which is affecting our health, families, and careers. In Burn On, Not Out, Brooke Dukes, successful entrepreneur, professional coach and business consultant, Best-Selling author, speaker, and mother of two, vulnerably shares her story of how she fast-tracked her way up the corporate ladder toward a perfect “have it all” life, which landed her in a life filled with unexpected disappointment and deep depression.

Why I Wrote This Book

The goal of this book is to help you burn on and burn forward into a life where there’s no more stressful striving for external rewards, no more pressure to be perfect or even “enough,” trying to live up to the standards or expectations that emerged from your parents or your young, wounded self.

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This Book is For: 

  • The hundreds of women I have personally met who, judging from the outside, looked to have it all. 
  • The ones who share my story—the story that reveals the gut-wrenching dichotomy we are living in: looking and acting “perfect’” on the outside all the while on the inside, feeling unfulfilled, scared, confused, and even angry. 
  • Those who believed that they had done everything “right” but couldn’t understand why they were so miserable
  • Every woman who has a dream in her heart, but for whatever reason, the fire in her belly has become reduced to smoldering embers.
  • Recovering overachievers who, like me, previously defined themselves primarily by their success, achievements, and accomplishments.

This book is about creating a career and life that feels good on the inside, not just looks good on the outside. 

It’s time to step off the hustle bus and into the life of flow you were naturally meant to be living in.


Having It All - Career Burnout

Throughout this book are the lessons that have been garnered on my journey to having it all—a journey which continues to this day. 

I climbed the corporate ladder, wholeheartedly believing I could have it all. But after years of going up, up, up, the sacrifices I had made to get there eventually took their toll on me and my family, causing me to fall tumbling down into the biggest depression of my life. 

I was on the verge of total burnout and ready to give up.

I had been playing the “everything’s perfect” game. My friends and family envied the life I was living. Above the surface, it looked like I had it all—the perfect career with a high six-figure income, a perfect marriage, two perfect children, a perfect lake house, and even the perfect family dog. 

The scary truth was, beneath the surface, a storm was raging in my spirit. 

I was sacrificing every bit of my happiness for a career that had me totally burned out and overwhelmed. My career defined me, and I was actually damn proud of it. But felt isolated in a man’s world with no female support and no female mentors. 

Becoming a mother didn’t come as naturally and blissfully as everyone said it would, and I felt like a complete fraud. My marriage was crumbling, and for the first time in my life, I was completely lost with no clue what to do about it.

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From Successful to Fulfilled

Burn On, Not Out is the story of how I got out of that dark place.  It meant slowing down and being really aware, for the first time, of what was happening in my life.

The old belief that more is better no longer applies. Outward success is not a guaranteed ticket to inner fulfillment. We have awakened to the highlight reels of social media, empty promises of happiness in climbing the corporate ladder, and the stress of hustling our way through the rat race.

You can have it all without sacrificing or compromising your values. There is a way for you to burn on without burning out. There is a path that is ablaze with your own soul on fire, lit up with passion and purpose. That life that may seem like a pipe dream, but it is attainable and it’s closer than you think. 

My purpose is guiding women to own their power and burn bright by creating the inspired life you were put on this planet to live.

I can’t save you from the necessary work that lies ahead. But I can promise you this. No matter where you are in your life right now, when you finish this book, you’ll have the tools to start building the life you most want to live. 

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