Are you struggling to adapt to changes in your industry? Are you worried about staying relevant to your customers and clients? Is burnout impacting you or your team?

If so, you’re not alone. More than 88% of executives are worried about staying relevant in 2023. At BMD consulting, we’re not just here to tell you about it; we’re here to help you beat the odds.

With over two decades of experience leading large corporations and C-suite executives to success, we’ve seen it all. We understand the challenges of thriving in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. We also understand that burnout is a productivity killer that can impact your leadership, our employee retention, and ultimately, your bottom line.
In addition to our experience, what truly sets us apart is our background in psychology and human behavior. Did you know that personal and business success are intricately connected? That’s right. Your internal and external factors work hand in hand to determine your outcomes. We leverage this unique perspective to help individuals and corporations overcome the very roadblocks that may be holding them back.

We’re here to build a bridge between your personal growth and business success, because we know that unlocking business potential starts with unlocking human potential.

With over two decades of experience in various roles such as CEO, Chief Sales Officer, President, and Master Trainer, I’ve built and sold companies while working with industry giants like IBM and United Airlines. I specialize in helping businesses and individuals reach their outcomes with strategies rooted in real-world success, backed by the science of human behavior.

My Wake-Up Call

Raised in a home where my mother stayed in an unfulfilling marriage, largely due to financial dependence, I aimed to break the cycle. I became the first in my family to earn a college degree and rapidly ascended in my career. By 34, I was a Director of Sales at a Fortune 100 company, seemingly living the dream.

Then came the ultimatum that altered my life's course. Eight months pregnant, I was forced to choose between a lucrative commission and my unborn child's safety. I chose the former, went into premature labor, and faced the sobering reality that I'd risked my daughter's life for career gain. That was my wake-up call.

My Mission

I'm committed to helping you redefine success on your own terms. If you're feeling weighed down by guilt, professional rivalry, or a sense of isolation, know that you're not alone—I've been there too. My purpose is to guide you through the ups and downs, helping you find joy and fulfillment.

Let's embark on this journey together, exploring possibilities and doing the challenging but rewarding work of crafting the life you truly desire. Whether the road ahead requires a course correction or a whole new map, I've got the expertise and empathy to help you navigate.

Brooke's Bio

With over two decades of high-impact leadership roles—ranging from CEO and Chief Sales Officer to President and Master Trainer—Brooke M Dukes is a transformational force in the business world. She has an innate ability to connect with C-suite executives, budding leaders, and entrepreneurs, identifying the obstacles hindering their growth. Leveraging this insight, Brooke crafts tailored plans that align with individual aspirations and strategic objectives, guiding her clients on a path to success.

Renowned for her expertise in human behavior transformation, Brooke has collaborated with industry giants like United Airlines, IBM, and Lear. Her areas of specialization encompass executive presence, leadership development, and sales training. She also excels in enhancing communication skills and engagement levels, ensuring optimal talent retention within organizations.

Holding a BS from Michigan State University, Brooke is not only a career-driven professional but also a family woman. Alongside her partner Ryan, she has raised two successful young adults. Based in Austin, Texas, Brooke passionately explores the world while empowering others to realize their dreams.


Do you fantasize about leaving your job for a more impactful role, only to be jolted back by the weight of financial obligations and the dread of failing?

If you're a high-achieving — leader, executive, entrepreneur—chances are your career has become your identity. It might be rewarding, but does it truly fulfill you? I specialize in guiding leaders like you on a transformative journey to discover more fulfilling paths.

What sets me apart is my commitment to crafting personalized strategies. I meet you where you're at, to take you where you aspire to be. Your success, redefined and unburdened, is my ultimate goal.

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