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Success Stories

Success Stories

Benah Parker

Ph.D. and CEO Level 42 Consulting

Testimonial: Few people have the opportunity to work alongside a coach and mentor as powerful as Brooke. She and I have worked together for more than six years, and she has provided incredible insight, advice, and accountability as I have grown my own entrepreneurial endeavors.

If you are a successful female executive who is feeling burned out and unfulfilled, I highly
recommend working with Brooke to learn how to reach your goals while enjoying the process!

Alia Kahn

Owner Oak + Lotus Studio

Testimonial: To say that working with Brooke has been transformative comes nowhere close to capturing the full scope of the impact my work with her has had on my life.  Her straightforward yet compassionate focus on identifying and interrupting old patterns has guided me to create immense change both personally and professionally. Because, as she has said from day 1, once you've gotten your personal life sorted, the professional stuff flows easily. And she was absolutely right. I was skeptical at first, but she quickly demonstrated that she really knows what she's talking about. And that's when the real work began. It's been hard, but nothing good comes easy, right? If you're willing to put in the work, know that Brooke can absolutely help you achieve whatever goals or objectives you seek - personal AND professional. 

Amy Suiter

Doctorate Educational Psychology and Owner Amy Suiter LLC

Testimonial: Thanks to Brooke's guidance and support, I am on my path to achieving things I never thought possible, she continues to see my potential even when I can't. Her unwavering belief in her clients and ability to demand accountability is second to none. If you are ready to grow to your next level Brooke is the coach that will challenge you, stretch you, and most importantly grow you to your next level of success!

Girl Scouts of America 

Challenge: We were brought into GSA because they were having trouble with turnover, efficiency and leadership development.

Results: “I think there is a direct correlation between getting your organization aligned to getting the results that you need. They helped us to create the plan and execute it.” Denise Dalrymple, CEO Girl Scouts of America 

Lund Orthodontics & Milestone Kids Dentistry

Objectives: Leadership development, provide the best patient care

Results: “I knew we had to go outside of what I knew as a leader and what we knew as an organization to find the help we needed to take us to the next level. The experience we’ve had has been unlike any other experience I’ve had with a consulting firm. It has been positive, empowering, and motivating not just for myself but for our entire company. I just can’t say enough and I’m excited for the next chapter.” Misty Wales, COO Lund Orthodontics & Milestone Kids Dentistry 

McClure’s Pickles 

Challenge: We were brought into McClure’s by the CEO Bob McClure, he and his brother (COO) just took over the business from their father. They wanted to understand the current culture and determine how the culture needed to shift to meet their strategic growth plan.

Result: “As an entrepreneur you aren’t so much building a business as you are building people. What I loved about the work was how easy it was to implement with our team. We could take the results and put them into action. How can you put a price tag on positive change.” Bob McClure, CEO McClure’s Pickles

Eaton Hall Architecture

Objectives: Grow from $1ML annual revenue to $15ML in 3 years. Develop a sales system that consistently attracts and converts the leads. ​​Create a plan to attract strategic partners that align with their culture.

Results: “We were able to build a marketing and sales system to attract and retain the clients necessary to grow our revenue and exceed our goals” - Jeffrey Eaton Principal EHA

Industrial Automation

Overview: Industrial Automation was redesigning their headquarters and wanted to assess their culture to make sure the space aligned with the culture they wanted to create.

Results : “I learned that so many of our employees are motivated by being a part of something bigger and that what really drives them. They really helped me to understand that culture matters, it is not just a buzzword.” 

-Mark Gust, CEO Industrial Automation