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Brooke Dukes has been featured on a variety of podcasts and media outlets, captivating audiences with her unique perspective and expertise on a range of discussion topics. With her dynamic personality and deep knowledge, Brooke has garnered significant attention, resulting in numerous appearances across various media platforms. Explore below to catch up on her latest podcast & media features and interviews.

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Don't miss this enlightening podcast interview on the Optimum Ideation Podcast, where Brooke M. Dukes will share her insights, experiences, and strategies for achieving personal and professional fulfillment. Prepare to be inspired as she imparts her wisdom and empowers listeners to overcome obstacles, embrace their unique gifts, and create a life filled with purpose and success.

The Role of Authenticity, Emotional Intelligence, Faith, Resilience, Self Care, Personal Development, & Balance in Life, Career, & Business Success. On this episode, Brooke discusses The Power of Joy, Self-Awareness, Intentionality & Meditation

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Self-perceptions and self-talk.

Brooke joined the podcast to talk about her professional offerings, self-talk, males vs females, and confidence. Brooke also discussed some of the common issues she notices when working with clients. We also talk about self-esteem, burnout, optimism, and learning your lessons! It’s all about how you think that determines your actions and results!

Be The Wolf-Be Who You Were Born To Be.

This is a must-listen if you’re sick of sacrificing your happiness and well-being to accommodate what others think you should do. And if you’re ready to shine bright, live your purpose, be your authentic self, and succeed in life and your career. Being the wolf means living as the fullest expression of who you truly are, in life and in your career.

Brooke shares her expertise in helping executives find fulfillment by aligning their passions with their actions.

Fear is a common emotion that keeps many individuals from reaching their full potential. Brooke emphasizes that fear, whether it's fear of failure, success, imposter syndrome, or perfectionism, should not hinder personal and professional growth.

Effective leadership strategies are crucial for success, especially in distributed or virtual teams. Brooke highlights the importance of understanding what motivates employees and using tools like anonymous assessments to gather valuable feedback. By aligning employees' goals with the company vision, it's possible to create a sense of purpose and engagement that can elevate organizations.

She also emphasizes the need for companies to provide women with a voice and recognize their unique contributions. Diverse workforces enhance efficiency and effectiveness and foster a culture of innovation and growth. Women can showcase their strengths and bring positive change together by supporting and mentoring each other.

 Kristen White interviews Brooke Dukes, a purpose-driven life coach for women, who discusses the power of purpose-driven living and the importance of community support. Brooke shares her personal journey to finding fulfillment and how she now helps other women do the same through coaching and community building. She also discusses the need for women to mentor and empower each other.


When someone is coming at you with high emotions (anger, sadness, frustration, etc.), don’t answer in the same way—with reactivity. Do your best to answer with curiosity or if you are able to, with love.In any situation, take a moment to reflect and align your focus, your self-talk and your physiology to empower yourself.Discover/create your own mantra and use it to interrupt your mindcluck and to redirect your mind to an empowering thought.Discover/create power moves…one you can do on your own and one you can do in the presence of other people (in other words, a more subtle move that no one is likely to notice). When you do this move, it re-centers you and connects you to your power (and will help calm reactivity you may feel).In any situation, use the perspective of “How do I add value?” This will yield win-wins (as opposed to how do I get what I want).Use curiosity (ask questions) which will give you additional insight and also give you a little time to pause and re-center yourself if needed.

Brooke Dukes, author of the upcoming book, "Is This All There Is" joins the show this week to chat careers and challenges to pivot within one. 

Brooke says that women specifically spend a lot of effort trying to make it seem like they have their act together, which can make it hard to ask for help – and hard to create a network of support. She hopes to change that, with workshops and lessons on perfectionism, fear of failure, imposter syndrome, asking for the money you deserve and more.

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