Harnessing the Power Intention in the New Year: Achieve Maximum Impact Without Burning Out

Jan 16, 2024

One of the many lessons I learned during my time in network marketing was the importance of creating a vision. Before I understood anything about the power of intentionally creating a vision for my life that was centered around creating more joy and fulfillment, my vision was primarily set on closing the next deal, landing the next promotion, and climbing up to the next rung on the corporate ladder. And my brain didn’t let me down!

At the time, although I wasn’t really aware of what I was doing, I had given my brain the instructions to achieve, achieve, achieve at all costs. Being successful was all I really thought about, so naturally (and unconsciously), that became my vision — and my professional track record followed suit.

Mission accomplished.

I had always been very driven and thought I knew what I wanted, but in reflecting back, I realize that what I wanted was being driven mostly by fear.

Rather than focusing on how I wanted my life to look and feel, I spent most of my time focusing on and trying to avoid the things I didn’t want. I didn’t want to be poor. I didn’t want to be controlled. I didn’t want to be a victim.

My go-getter approach to life was more about avoiding the circumstances I didn’t want to experience instead of clearly identifying the circumstances that would ultimately bring me a purposeful life — two very different perspectives.

I had already started feeling into my purpose and what I was truly passionate about — the things that lit my soul on fire. Now it was time to lean into my creative power and take some action to bring them to fruition.

What is a vision?


A Vision is the target that takes you from where you currently are and directs you toward where you want to be. The problem for most of us is, we plod along in a life that’s running on autopilot, enslaved to the usual daily grind… same shit, different day.

A vision is more than a wish; it’s a powerful idea with measurable goals that keep you inspired, focused, and motivated to move forward when diversions like fear and doubt start to creep in. Creating goals with achievable milestones that are aligned with your vision is a critical step so you can measure your results and course correct when necessary.

When a plane takes off, there’s a guidance system ensuring the flight makes it to the desired destination. Storms, fog, and turbulence can cause the pilot to divert and reroute, but they still need to be heading in the general direction of the destination, as well as know how much longer the flight may take based on various landmarks. Without goals as your guidance system, how will you know if you’re on course for where you want to end up?

This is precisely how our brains work. If we don’t give it a clear destination with the vision we want it to move us toward, the ambiguity will divert it in another direction, and almost always toward one we’ve flown before because it defaults to what feels familiar.

For example, if your desire is to be in a healthy relationship but you’re not specifically focused on what a healthy relationship looks and feels like, your brain will choose someone who in some way fits the mold of a past relationship solely out of familiarity.

It learns from the experiential “instructions” you’ve plugged into it, and almost always, those instructions are happening unconsciously — you’re all but oblivious to them.

So when it comes to creating a new vision for your life, you need to clearly establish some principles of intention along with measurable milestones so your brain understands how to effectively change course and keep you moving in the right direction.

Why is a Vision Important?

Having a clear vision is essential for a company (as well as in your daily life) for several reasons:

Guidance: A vision acts as a North Star, providing a clear direction and purpose for the company. It helps align all employees and stakeholders toward a common goal, preventing the organization from drifting aimlessly.

Motivation: A compelling vision can inspire and motivate employees. It gives them a sense of purpose and a reason to work toward a shared objective, boosting morale and commitment.

Strategic Planning: A vision serves as a foundation for strategic planning, and can combat short-term thinking. It helps in setting specific, measurable, and achievable goals that are in line with the long-term vision of the company.

Decision-Making: When faced with choices and opportunities, a well-defined vision helps in decision-making. It acts as a filter, allowing the company to prioritize initiatives that align with the overall vision.

Attracting Talent and Investors: A strong vision can attract top talent who share the company's values and goals. It also makes the company more appealing to investors who see a clear path to growth and success.

Customer Engagement: Customers are often drawn to companies with a compelling vision that resonates with their own values. A strong vision can create brand loyalty and a deeper connection with customers.

Adaptability: While a vision provides a long-term goal, it also allows for flexibility in how that goal is achieved. It encourages innovation, creative energy, and adaptability in response to changing market conditions.


A company's vision is not just a lofty statement but a practical and strategic tool that provides direction, motivation, and a framework for success in an ever-changing business landscape.

In 2023, after dedicating 16 years to a consulting firm and sharpening my expertise in psychology, behavioral science, and human transformation, I made a bold move. I ventured beyond my comfort zone by launching my own company. My mission was clear: to empower female business leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve both business success and a fulfilling life.

I set my vision and encountered challenges along the way. However, these challenges transformed into valuable lessons that have enhanced my business acumen and leadership skills, enabling me to better serve my team and clients. It's all part of the learning process.

Once you determine your vision, it's crucial not to lock yourself into a rigid path. If you already knew the exact way, you'd have achieved it by now. Leave room for unexpected opportunities to guide you. Once you set your vision, you'll notice situations, people, and challenges emerging, each with a purpose to help you grow.

I’m not saying to set your vision and sit back and wait for things to happen. The key is to define measurable targets, establish milestone goals, and action steps toward your vision while remaining open to new opportunities.

Don’t get upset when things don’t go according to plan. Trust that is exactly what was meant to happen, stay focused on the vision, learn from the setbacks and watch the miracle of manifestation take shape!

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