Human Design: Your Cheat Sheet to Life.

human design Jun 21, 2024

Before I discovered Human Design and incorporated it into my consulting work, I was in a dark place.

When I left the consulting firm where I’d worked for 16 years, I was angry not with the firm but with myself. I’d seen the signs. I knew I was hurting myself and the firm by staying. And yet I stayed on - almost to the point of burnout.

But it wasn’t just the job that made me leave; it was me. I had lost my purpose and my passion. 

My whole ‘self’ changed to the point where I didn’t recognise who I was any more. I’d become so serious. My playfulness, my humor, everything that people really enjoyed about me, it had all gone. 

It was like my light had completely gone out.

Human design turned it back on 

It was just at that point that I learned about Human Design - and I was amazed. 

It was like having an unfair advantage - like knowing the questions for a test before you go into the exam room. You see, when you pull your Human Design body chart, you discover exactly what you’re here to do. What your purpose is, what you're here to learn, and what’s going to fulfill you most in this world.

I saw in mine all the Shadows that I’d already experienced - at the consulting firm and throughout life. And from those Shadows, I saw all the lessons I’d learnt from them along the way. Those were lessons I was meant to learn because they helped make me the strong person that I am today. 

And they revealed to me that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

After that, my growth exploded. I regained my sense of worthiness. My happiness and my fulfillment skyrocketed. I found my sense of humor again (I’m actually quite a funny gal!)

And I started to lighten up - much to my family and friends’ delight!

But could I take Human Design and use it to help clients?

Previously, it would take months of working with a client to get a breakthrough.

It was a long process, peeling through the layers to find out what their gift was, what they were born to offer the world, and what was holding them back -  even with all my years of psychology, behavioral science and NLP. 

But Human Design is a cheat sheet. It is a map, if you like, to get to the core of your genius - looking at your challenges and turning them into opportunities and seeing exactly what it is you’re here to do. 

By adding Human Design to my leadership consulting toolbox, people experience an amazing breakthrough so much faster. Because it’s all there, just waiting to be read!

  • It allows you to take off the layers of armor that you put on to protect yourself and to see your Gifts.
  • It gives you an opportunity to look back on things and say, “Okay, this step was in alignment with who I'm meant to be and what I'm meant to do. But that decision was not. Hmmm. What did that feel like? What did that look like?”
  • It gives you permission to start being grateful for the life that you've lived. Now you know the shadows and the challenges you’ve had to face and realize how they helped you get to where you need to be.
  • It helps you believe in yourself again. “I am worthy enough to have exactly what I want out of this life. And now I know how I can create it.”

It lifts the fog.

And this is the reason I wrote my book, and why I created my new program - the Foundation of Fulfillment. 

It’s why I’m building my membership community - launching in the fall - to help more people who are saying, “OK. This is not what I expected my life to be like. Now what?”

And it’s the reason I write this newsletter every week. 😊

My lightbulb moment happened because I nearly burned out. 

And it showed me that my purpose in life is to help others find their purpose before they burn out.

Do you know what you were put here to do? What is your genius?

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