Fueling Female Entrepreneurship: The Power of an Entrepreneur Coach

successful entrepreneurs Nov 06, 2023
By: Brooke M. Dukes

You've probably heard the term 'entrepreneur coach' buzzing around your networking circles. And, while the concept of coaching has been around for a while, particularly in sports and personal development, its importance in the business world is finally starting to be recognized, especially among female entrepreneurs.

The Shift from Competition to Collaboration Among Women

For years, it seemed like only men were in the business of mentoring and promoting each other. The idea of sharing expertise among women was almost taboo.

What many women didn't realize is that when you teach, you also learn and grow, sharpening your skills and expanding your knowledge base.

Speaking from experience, I know that women often feel the pressure to prove themselves, fearing that asking for help will be seen as a sign of weakness. Add to that a cutthroat environment where women are forced to view each other as competitors rather than collaborators, all vying for a limited number of top positions. It makes sense that we'd be caught up in this cycle. 

But, here's the catch: by perpetuating this competitive atmosphere, women inadvertently became part of the problem. After all, if we're not lifting each other up, who will?

Fortunately, we're starting to see a colossal shift in the business world, where collaboration reigns queen over competitiveness. 

A New Approach: Support and Growth

Today, the narrative is shifting. Women are becoming increasingly aware that the old 'every-woman-for-herself' strategy is self-defeating. We're embracing the fact that seeking help is not just okay, it's essential for personal and professional growth.

Look at the numbers: As of 2023, over 50% of new business owners are women. If we want to create a more equitable business landscape for our daughters and granddaughters, it's high time we shift from competition to collaboration.

What Is an Entrepreneur Coach, and Why Do You Need One? 

You've probably got some ideas about what an entrepreneur coach is, but if you've never worked with one before, their role might be unclear. 

Here's what you can expect from an entrepreneur coach. 

More Than Just a Business Advisor

An entrepreneur coach is a trained professional focused on helping you navigate the challenges of business ownership. They're not just consultants who throw data and strategies at you; they're more like business soulmates, guiding you toward your full potential. They bring to the table a blend of business acumen, mentoring skills, and often, a dash of life coaching.

It's All Connected

Now, you might be asking, "Why the life coaching bit?" Great question. The reality is personal success and business success are like conjoined twins; they're on this journey together. Both your internal mindset and your external actions coalesce to shape your entrepreneurial destiny. An entrepreneur coach understands this symbiotic relationship and helps you navigate both terrains. They're architects building a bridge between your personal growth and business achievements. Why? Because you can't truly unlock your business potential without first unlocking your human potential.

How Can an Entrepreneur Coach Help?

Listing all the ways an entrepreneur coach can help you achieve your business goals could take all day, but here are some of the things they can help with. 

Breaking Through Gender Barriers

First off, we know that even in 2023, the business world isn't always a level playing field. The corporate realm can still feel like an obstacle course designed with men in mind. But, a seasoned entrepreneurial business coach can help female business owners. They know how to play this game and can guide you through the maze of gender biases, limited funding options, etc. Their goal is to arm you with practical advice and actionable strategies.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

Networking is key to business growth in any business, and it can be especially crucial for women, who might not have the same access as men to certain industry networks. An entrepreneurial coach often has a robust professional network and can make introductions that could be game-changers for a female entrepreneur.

Life's a Circus, and You're the Ringmaster

Juggling work, family, and personal time is like an extreme sport for women. (I get it!) That elusive work-life balance you're looking for? Your coach can provide proven strategies to find it. I know that dropping the ball in your personal life isn't an option, and your business shouldn't have to suffer either.

Up Your Skills—And I Don't Just Mean Soft Ones

A coach can hone those vital business skills you might not even know you're missing. Stuck at the negotiation table? They can turn you into a deal-closing gladiator. The power here isn't just learning; it's applying these skills to break down barriers that many women face in business.

Confidence Boosting

Sometimes, what a female entrepreneur needs most is a boost in confidence—a reaffirmation that she's got what it takes. An entrepreneurial coach can be that steady voice of reason and encouragement, providing not just emotional support but also practical tools to bolster self-confidence.

Personal Growth

Last, but definitely not least, an entrepreneurial coach can guide personal development, which is intrinsically linked to business success. Whether it's shifting your mindset or working on your self-awareness, a coach can help a successful entrepreneur become not just a better businessperson, but a better person overall.

How Do You Choose an Entrepreneurial Coach?

By now, you can probably see some of the value in hiring a coach. Maybe you can even imagine how having a coach would help your business grow. But, with so many options, how do you find the right person?

Choose a Coach Who's Been in Your Shoes

Here's a pro tip you'll thank me for: when you look for an entrepreneur coach, pick someone who's been down the same road you're traveling or plan to travel. Why? Because nothing beats firsthand experience.

There's a swarm of coaches out there preaching about topics they've never personally grappled with. Sure, in theory, they could guide you, but let's be real—I've seen that scenario crash and burn more times than I'd like to admit. You don’t want someone fumbling around with a map; you want a guide who's already trekked the terrain.

Beware of Theorists

Watch out for the "theorists" in the coaching world. You know, the ones who recite strategies and concepts as if they're reading from a textbook. They may sound intelligent, but if they haven't walked the walk, how can they effectively guide you on your unique path?

Is It Worth Paying for a Coach?

Short answer: Yes, if you choose the right one. While the upfront costs might seem high, the long-term gains often outweigh the initial investment. With the right coach, you're not just paying for advice; you're investing in your own growth and the sustained success of your business.

The Bottom Line

If you're a female entrepreneur feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or just in need of some focused guidance, consider hiring an entrepreneur coach. But choose wisely.

Make sure the person you choose is not just a fit for your business needs, but also for the personal growth that will inevitably fuel your business success. The investment you make in coaching today could very well be the fuel that drives your entrepreneurial success tomorrow.

If you're interested in connecting with a group of like-minded, empowered, successful women, AND getting a ton of actionable insights for your business, check out our Women's Mastermind Group. 

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